Kicukiro District
Kigali City, Rwanda

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The Business Incubator at Safari Centre develops entrepreneurs’ dreams to transform them into new ventures to form, grow and take flight at any point of your business for support relevant to their needs.

To provide your start-up with a superior platform to get off the ground, we have built a strong network of incubation facilities for this purpose both in Rwanda and across the globe.

With a variety of hot desking, office spaces, amenities and services to choose from, you can better navigate your way through the entrepreneurial landscape and potentially venture across Rwanda and in the region, where we also offer the infrastructural resources to support the expansion of your business in any locations.
While taking flight with Safari Centre Business Incubator, our start-ups get to enjoy all the perks of incubating with one of the leading entrepreneurial systems in Rwanda. This includes a first-class menu of services like idea validation, testing capabilities, dedicated mentorships, accounting and legal support, talent recruitment and more. Your business will also thrive in the company of fellow start-ups under our care, as you share resources and network within our dynamic community at Safari Centre.

We can further fuel your entrepreneurial flight through gaining access to grants and seed money. There will also be opportunities to link up with external investors and connect with corporate organisations for business partnerships. This way, your business can potentially soar higher to achieve greater success.