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Welcome to the Safari Center Ltd Website. Our purpose here is to not only provide you with information but also give you the forward-looking story of Safari Center. You are invited to look out for our periodical updates and also to partner with us as esteemed clients, stakeholders, and an interested public.

Safari Center is a dream come true. We are currently undergoing a transformation. Over the next five years we are going to implement our strategy that will present more than what meets the eye today.

Safari Centre Ltd will be a one-stop and incubation centre for business innovations, appropriate technologies and Business to Business (B2B) connections through international technical cooperation and trade facilitation.

Our strategy here is simple to comprehend : We shall scout all over the region and world at large for the simple, affordable and trendy business concepts and ideas develop and promote them in the market place. We are indeed going to be busy. We are going to recruit and sometimes outsource the best talent on the local job market, region and internationally to ensure that we offer the best service to our clients.

We nurture talents and turn them into entrepreneurs by offering them the appropriate hands-on skills, training and tools to prosper. In this case we provide experiential entrepreneurial education, active industry partnerships, comprehensive entrepreneurship support, catalytic entrepreneurship outreach, and are Rwanda’s thought leader in innovation and enterprise, as well as the bridge to industry.

Our Trade Logistics or Import and Export Unit positions us as the best choice on the market. We are the preferred logistics and supply chain management hub for leading manufacturers across industries. We link you to the best and competitive markets across the world in ; Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA.

This is our promise to you our esteemed clients. It is a responsibility we take very seriously and we would really appreciate your feedback and support.

Come and talk to us today. Let us talk business !

Thank you.