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Established in 1998, Safari Center Ltd is a one-stop and incubation centre for ; business innovations, appropriate technologies and Business to Business (B2B) connections through international technical cooperation and trade facilitation. It is respected and recognized as an efficient customer-focused Rwandan company with strong values and ethical standards.

Safari Center Ltd is a dream-come-true that has been steadily nurtured by Mr. Benjamin GASAMAGERA. He is the CEO and owner of Safari Center Ltd. From the onset, in his early years of his professional career, Benjamin was an ambitious man and had a “bigger than life” dream of being a business leader that drives the market place with innovative business concepts and innovations. He believed this would elevate him to become part and parcel of socioeconomic transformation and wealth creation of the society he lives in. He spent a big part of his education life in China and Switzerland where he landed his first employment in a reputable multinational Danzas—a Swiss Transport and Logistics company between 1993-98. This chanced him on acquiring rich experience, inspiration and exposure.

In the late nineties, at the heels of Rwanda’s socioeconomic reconstruction and transformation he chose to quit Danzas and follow his dream. He return back home (Rwanda) to seize the enormous investment opportunities.

Leveraging on the immense exposure and experience he had acquired in Europe, he decided to start Safari Center Ltd with vision of turning it into a trade and logistic hub that principally facilitates connecting people, markets and technologies.
Safari Centre is built on the notion of being an “Epitome of Wealth Creation” for whoever chooses to do business.

Rwanda’s Private Sector at that time was still very young characterized by a handful of competitive businesses. As such, nurturing the Safari Center vision was yet to face turbulent times.

In a bid to showcase this to Rwanda, he benchmarked his vision with the establishment of SUPA in 2003—Rwanda’s leading manufacturer of hygiene paper products, including toilet papers, pocket tissues, serviettes, industrial wiper rolls and female sanitary pads. This is a business model that is largely built on business synergies with Chinese counterparts.

Steadily, Safari Center has progressed from leaps and bounds to venture into other businesses such as PAFI— a business partnership between Safari Centre Ltd and other local investors specialized in the production and supply of world-class animal feed, SAFARI MAXI and SAFARI ZEB—specialized in the importation of quality pesticide called Mancozeb and garden tools such as hoes, rakes, spades, Trowels, pangas etc. In regards this import business, the short to midterm goal of Safari Center is ‘import-substitution’ ; establish local manufacturing facilities for the same import commodities.